Mount of the Month: iPhone XS and XS Max Mounting Solutions

Mount of the Month: iPhone XS and XS Max Mounting Solutions

Apple has taken their all-screen iPhone to the next level with the new iPhone XS and XS Max.

As with every new device Apple releases, people are looking for compatible accessories to enhance their experience and keep their investment safe. For mounting your iPhone XS or XS Max in your vehicle or for a variety of other applications, RAM® Mounts offers universal phone holders that are trusted by users around the world – designed to keep your device secure and accessible.

iPhone XS Mounts: RAM® X-Grip® and RAM® Quick-Grip Holders

There are two different solutions for securing your new iPhone – the RAM® X-Grip® and the RAM® Quick-Grip. Both of these iPhone XS holders are compatible with a wide range of RAM® mounting bases. So no matter where you want to mount your phone, you have several options including:

  • • Suction cup bases
  • • Rail bases
  • • Cup holder bases
  • • Adhesive bases; and
  • • Gas tank bases for motorcycles

To find the best mounting base for your vehicle or activity, check out the new RAM® Mount Builder.

Update: form-fit cradles are also now available for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

RAM® X-Grip®

As one of the most popular device accessories you’ll find, the RAM® X-Grip® is an ideal solution for mounting your iPhone XS. This spring-loaded holder features rubber caps to keep your device secure and completely functional while mounted. With this version of the iPhone being one of the most expensive phones on the market, the included safety tether a must for outdoor applications – such as using the RAM® X-Grip® on a motorcycle.

RAM® Quick-Grip

The RAM® Quick-Grip is another spring-loaded universal phone holder that keeps a secure grip on devices, including the iPhone XS. Like the RAM® X-Grip®, this holder features rubber caps for support. In addition, side keepers also prevent movement while your iPhone is mounted.

iPhone XS Max Mount: RAM® Large X-Grip® Holder

With the largest screen size of any iPhone ever, it should come as no surprise that we recommend the large version of the RAM® X-Grip® phone holder for the 6.5″ iPhone XS Max. While this version of the iPhone will fit the standard size RAM® X-Grip®– even with a slim case – it can be a tight fit. With the large version of the RAM® X-Grip®, it’s easier to insert and remove your iPhone XS Max.

Once you decide on a holder for your iPhone XS, check out all the mounting base solutions for nearly any vehicle or activity.

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