A man is typing on a keyboard mounted to a Tab Active4 Pro in a RAM Mounts Docking Station on a forklift

How Georgia-Pacific & RAM® Keep One Eye on Tomorrow

Georgia-Pacific is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of paper and forest products. Since 1927, they have been growing, expanding, and perfecting the art of life’s simple necessities. With over 150 facilities & 30,000 people directly employed, they rely on a cohesive technology ecosystem to keep their business running smoothly. So when they outgrew their Microsoft ecosystem, they knew it was time to invest in a custom solution from Samsung, Zebra, & Abetech that would scale alongside them. 

After deciding on Samsung’s Tab Active product line, Zebra’s Ultra-Rugged Scanners, & Abetech’s Mobile Device Management software, they reached out to 3eye & RAM® to keep their new devices safe both physically and financially with a future-proof solution. They had three key needs in mind when it came time to identify their ideal mounting solution: 

  • Keep their devices charged for a full day of work
  • Protect their new devices from the harsh warehouse environment
  • Maintain the Tab Active’s on-the-go mobility

What they learned was that our GDS® Tech boasts a universal, modular, and standardized charging system that results in long-term cost savings as your technology ages into obsoletion. We worked together to build a forklift solution that would be easy to scale and deploy while minimizing the downtime during their transition period.

Learn how Georgia-Pacific continues to reap the benefits of their modular RAM® solutions three years after their deployment.  

A Georgia-Pacific paper manufacturing plant
Image provided by Georgia-Pacific​​
View of Georgia-Pacific
Image provided by Georgia-Pacific​​