RAM® Stack-N-Stow™

Featuring a magnetic surface for bait knives, hooks, lures, and other metal items, never scramble to find your essential tools while out on the water. Integrated features for hanging tools, mounting an action camera, attaching cup holders, and much more make this bait board a favorite among anglers.

Ramped Magnetic Surface

This magnetic surface on the RAM® Stack-N-Stow™ is the perfect match for storing any ferrous metal items. When needed, your bait knife, hooks, and lures are always right where you left them.

Customize to Your Needs

Whether you want to mount the RAM® Stack-N-Stow™ to a rail or via post and spline, there are several options for customizing your bait board. You can even attach additional RAM® rubber balls to create mounting locations for cup holders, phone mounts, and more.