RT10 Tablet Docks

To conquer everyday tasks in the warehouse, in the field, or on the front lines, RAM® Mounts rugged mounting solutions enable Honeywell’s versatile RT rugged tablets to make the ideal pairing. Explore the new RAM® Power + Data docks for the Honeywell RT10 rugged tablet with many different options to keep your device connected to power and add peripherals to your solution such as scanners, printers, speakers and more.

Single & Dual USB Peripheral Data

These Honeywell RT10 powered vehicle docks include power and power + data options with single or dual USB connectors for peripheral add-ons. Both types of connectors are hardwired to the dock and centralized within the integrated pogo pin connectors—simply dock the RT10 tablet and the pogo pin connection enables the peripherals.

Key Locking & Combo Locking

For added security and theft deterrence, the RAM® Powered Docks for the Honeywell RT10 are available in key-locking and combo-locking. Protect your investment and keep your RT10 locked in its dock.

Accessory Bracket & Cable Management

Each tablet dock includes an optional accessory bracket, allowing you to both connect a RAM® 2-hole diamond ball base for additional device mounting and manage a cable system for charge cords, or cords from additional periphals.