GDS® Slide Dock™

The GDS® Slide Dock™ is a scalable solution for charging multiple devices at the same time. Designed to solve charging issues in a variety of applications, the GDS® Slide Dock™ can be integrated into any flat surface, charging carts, and more.


Adjust any GDS® Slide Dock™ to accommodate a variety of devices. Each dock includes an LED indicator light that lets you know whether or not it’s connected to power. The GDS® Slide Dock™ is available as both a drill-down attachment or a steel or ferromagnetic surface.

Drill-Down Attachment

This version of the GDS® Slide Dock™ can be permanently mounted to any surface by being bolted or screwed in.

Magnetic Attachment

Featuring a magnetic base, easily mount this version of the GDS® Slide Dock™ to any steel or ferromagnetic surface.


Connect devices wrapped in an IntelliSkin® sleeve to the GDS® Slide Dock™ Module for pain-free charging. This module includes a USB Type A male output that can plug into an existing USB port on a charging cart or into the GDS® 6-Port USB Charger.