Jeff Carnevali - President & CEO

Jeffrey Carnevali is the President & CEO of National Products Inc. (NPI), as well as the inventor and designer of the RAM® Mounts line of mounting products.


In 1990, Jeff founded NPI from his basement shop, where he designed, tooled and produced the first product – a propeller puller for the marine industry. From that point on, Jeff has continued his relentless quest to invent, design, tool and manufacture a growing line of mounting systems to meet the needs of widely varying industries. Jeff’s hands-on knowledge of manufacturing processes, innate business acumen and genuine entrepreneurial spirit have proved an effective platform for building a successful product and brand.


Prior to forming NPI, Jeff was a skilled wood and metal patternmaker. In the early 1980’s he supervised a large and prestigious tooling shop in the Seattle area. Over the years Jeff added several courses to continually refine his designing and manufacturing skills. They included CAD, CAM, mathematics, economics, architectural drafting, engineering, machining, sheet metal practices, injection molding, die casting and other types of manufacturing processes.


To date, Jeff has been awarded 174 patents with more than 30 pending from the US Patent & Trademark Office and has pioneered methods for manufacturing products. NPI products are playing important roles in such diverse settings as the armed services, police and fire departments, the airline and trucking industries, the International Space Station, agriculture, fleet transportation, electronics, the film industry, medical services and sports such as fishing and cycling.


Beyond his daily duties at NPI, Jeff is an accomplished pilot and holds a current Private Pilot Certificate.