RAM® Bow-Cam™

Easily attach your favorite action camera to your bow with the RAM® Bow-Cam™. The included RAM® Tough-Ball™ with a male threaded post connects to your bow's stabilizer port, allowing the arm and universal action camera adapter to be adjusted to the perfect angle. RAM® double ball and socket mounts feature vibration damping, so your GoPro® or compatible action camera achieves a stable shot from your bow. The RAM® Bow-Cam™ mount is also available with the RAM® X-Grip® phone cradle.

RAM® Tough-Ball™ Base

Featuring a male threaded post measuring 5/16”-24 x .375”, the RAM® Tough-Ball™ connects directly to your bow’s stabilizer port. This universal solution is compatible with most popular bow brands, and the RAM® rubber ball absorbs shock and vibration so you get great photos and videos from your device of choice.

Universal Action Camera Mount

Replace the factory mounting bracket of your favorite action camera with this universal action camera adapter. Featuring a RAM® rubber ball, this adapter lets you take advantage of the RAM® ball and socket system. Shock and vibration is dampened for more stable photos and videos and helps extend the life of your camera.

Universal Phone Mount

The RAM® X-Grip® is a spring-loaded universal phone cradle that expands and contracts to provide a perfect fit for your device. Trusted by users around the world, this holder fits phones of all sizes and includes a safety tether for rugged environments. The modularity of RAM® mounting components means you can easily remove the RAM® X-Grip® from your car to use with other applications like the RAM® Bow-Cam™.

Compatible Bow Brands

The RAM® Bow-Cam™ is compatible with bows that can accommodate the RAM® Tough-Ball™ male threaded post. Compatible bow brands include Hoyt, Matthews, Bear, PSE, and Diamond.

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