Best Practices: Docking and Undocking the Samsung Tab Active3

A Samsung Tab Active3 is secured to a forklist using the RAM® Mounts Powered Dock

To maintain the expected lifespan of your RAM® Powered Docks and their pogo pins, follow the tips and tricks shared below when docking and undocking your Samsung Tab Active3. This best practices guide is suitable for all form-fit Samsung Tab Active3 docks. 

Prefer written instructions? See the best practices guide transcription below.

Docking the Tablet

Insert the tablet directly in the front, aligning the bottom with the pins and securing the top into the RAM® EZ-Roll'r or locking latch.

Aligning the bottom of the device with the pogo pins​​
Securing the top of the device into the RAM® EZ-Roll'r™​​

Undocking the Tablet

Release the top latch and lift the device up and away from the pins.

After unlatching, lift​​ the device up and out of the dock


This may cause damage to the pogo pins.

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