4 Life Hacks for Using RAM® Mounts at Home

4 Life Hacks for Using RAM® Mounts at Home

Whether you’re cooking, blogging, vlogging, or simply looking for ways to declutter and organize your living space, RAM® Mounts offers several mounting solutions perfect for the home.

No matter what device you’re mounting, the RAM® ball and socket system provides near-infinite adjustability so you can achieve the ideal angle. From under cabinet mounts to GDS® Technology charging capabilities, here are four ways that you can make your life at home easier with RAM®.

1. Under Cabinet Mounts

Keep your phone, tablet, camera, and more secure and accessible with the RAM® Tough-Track – a track mounting system available in both aluminum and composite versions.

Using a wide variety of compatible track bases, you can seamlessly mount your favorite devices to the underside of your cabinet. An ideal solution for the kitchen, RAM® helps take your meal preparation to the next level whether you’re following a recipe, watching a cooking video, or recording your next vlog.

2. Blogging and Vlogging Mounts

Enhance your blogging or vlogging setup with a wide variety of bases and device cradles from RAM® Mounts. Unlike other mounts on the market, you can swap out individual components to truly customize your setup. From adhesive, drill-down, and suction cup bases to DSLR camera mounts, RAM® offers highly adjustable and secure mounting solutions for bloggers and vloggers.

3. Accessibility Mounts

RAM® offers a wide range of mounting solutions for wheelchairs and devices, providing not only a great hold, but also maximum adjustability. For example, simply attach the RAM® Tough-Claw and extension arm to any wheelchair for a versatile and amendable mounting base for devices.

Moreover, RAM® Mounts is the official mounting partner of the Xbox Adaptive Controller – teaming up directly with Microsoft to create inclusive mounting solutions for gamers with limited mobility. Utilizing the innovative RAM® ball and socket design, these mounts provide gamers with customizable solutions. Gamers can choose between wheelchair track mounts, universal body mounts, or even individual components to add-on to their existing setup.

4. GDS® Technology Charging Capabilities

From your home to your car to the office, the GDS® and IntelliSkin® ecosystem provides protection, charging, and data sync compatibility for a wide range of phones and tablets. With IntelliSkin® protective sleeves that are fully compatible with GDS® Docks and accessories, you can extend the life of your devices by preventing damage to charging ports caused by repetitive docking.

Do you have a favorite RAM® mounting solution for the home? Let us know in the comments below!

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