How to Mount Devices to the New 2021 Yamaha WaveRunners Multi-Mount System

How to Mount Devices to the New 2021 Yamaha WaveRunners Multi-Mount System

We get a lot of questions regarding how to mount to the new 2021 Yamaha WaveRunners Multi-Mount System, and we’re here to answer those questions. Yamaha’s WaveRunner VX® recreation and GP1800® performance models now come standard with a multi-mount system compatible with RAM® Mounts. That means you can mount all your favorite devices and accessories by attaching one simple RAM® component. 

How to Mount to the Yamaha WaveRunners Multi-Mount System

The secret ingredient to the multi-mount system is the RAM® Tough-Ball™ with 1/4″-20 x .25″ Threaded Stud. Simply screw on two of these and attach any B size compatible arms and device holders. Add on a phone mount, fishfinder mount, GoPro mount and more. For larger devices like fishfinders, you’ll want the C size version of the RAM® Tough-Ball™ and C size mounting components. Watch the WaveRunners in action below and read on to find out how you can mount your favorite devices. 

While Yamaha’s multi-mount system is standard on 2019-2021 most WaveRunner models, the VX® Recreation and GP1800® series features an accessory tech package that includes:

- 2 RAM® Tough-Ball mounts

- ECOXGEAR® waterproof and wireless Bluetooth® speakers

- Garmin® Striker GPS fishfinder with transducer

The 1/4″ x 20 RAM® Tough-Ball simply screws into the WaveRunner’s multi-mount system. Attaching to RAM® short or medium length socket arms that can conveniently be adjusted with the twist of a knob.

Speakers and fishfinders are must-haves out on the water, but you can mount nearly any device with various RAM® mounting solutions.

If you want to bring along your phone for photos and videos while jet skiing, check out the popular RAM® X-Grip® phone holder. Each of these holders comes with a safety tether to keep your phone secure and stable on the waves. For action cameras including GoPro® devices, look to the RAM® universal action camera adapter.

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