10 RAM® Mounts You Probably Didn’t Know About

10 RAM® Mounts You Probably Didn’t Know About

With more than 5,000 interchangeable ball and socket components, there are several RAM® mounting components that are lesser-known – but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong. These 10 hidden gems still have plenty of use in the right situation.

1. E Size Ball & Socket Mounts

If you see a product that begins with “RAM-B-”, the “B” references the size of the ball in the mount (“B” would be a 1″ ball). The size of the ball determines how much weight the mount can support, in which B Size can support your typical handheld device of 1-2 pounds depending on the environment. That said, there are larger ball sizes for heavier devices: C, D, and yes, even an E Size. 

While the common B Size is about the size of a standard gumball, the E Size has a whopping diameter of 3.38”, which is only slightly smaller than a croquet ball. For weight capacity, this ball is rated for somewhere around 20-25 pounds depending on the environment, and potentially much more if it is in a static environment. The reason you may not have seen these products is because they are not very common for end-user applications and have been historically used for military-grade environments; namely heavy duty computers in military tanks.

2. Chrome Ball and Socket Components

Almost all RAM® Mounts you’ve seen have likely been all black. However, there are also a handful of chrome components that could give the finished look you’ve been wanting. These components are most commonly used for Harley riders, which is why these components are geared toward motorcycle handlebars. You’ll find that these components come at a much higher price, but for the avid riders it’s well worth the cost. Available only in B Size.

3. Quick-Grip™ Phone Holder

This universal holder has been around for many years - originally designed as a PDA holder. However, in the recent years this holder has made its way back into the spotlight as a popular phone holder. While the Quick-Grip  may appear a little bulky depending on the device it’s holding, its spring-loaded function offers a one-handed insertion and removal feature that makes it a popular alternative to the RAM® X-Grip®. 

4. Add-A-Ball™ for B Size Socket Arms

You know the tightening knob that’s on the side of your RAM® socket arm? If you look on the other side of that knob you’ll see a hex bolt head recessed into the socket arm. Now instead of that hex bolt, imagine another B Size ball sticking out for mounting another device. That’s exactly what this component achieves.

If you want to mount two different devices off a single mounting point, this is the way to do it. With this additional ball, you could mount a cup holder next to your tablet or a camera next to your phone or a Bluetooth speaker next to… well, you get the idea. When you’re looking to mount multiple devices and space is narrow, this component is the answer.

5. Bluetooth Keyboard

RAM® Mounts is truly the best option for mounting tablets, so it only made sense to offer a quality Bluetooth keyboard. With basic functionality, this keyboard is a reliable tablet accessory at a competitive price. The greatest takeaway is the fact that it’s very thin and compact, but still a full-size keyboard – no need to conform your fingers to an unfamiliar size. 

6. Double and Triple Ball Adapters

Once the versatility of RAM® Mounts products are fully understood, people often say they’re “like LEGO bricks for grown-ups.” The double and triple ball adapters are two types of components that give users this impression. You can connect any two socket arms with the double ball adapter, and connect any three with the triple (available in B Size and C Size balls). 

7. Gun Holster Bracket Clip

RAM® offers versatile and rugged mounts for phones, cameras, tablets, laptops, and even guns. With the Gun Holster Bracket Clip, you can adapt any RAM® ball and socket mount to your gun holster for a secure solution when legally mounted in a vehicle. 

8. The Handi-Case™

This product truly has too many features to convey in a short paragraph, but essentially this is a rugged document case and writing surface that can be customized and modified to meet your exact needs. You can mount the Handi-Case using RAM® products or magnetically to any steel or ferromagnetic surface. Use examples include routing power cables, attaching a document clip in various positions and much more.

9. Glare Shield Mirror Mount

The RAM® Mirror with Clamp Mount attaches to any boat windshield to offer a convenient rear view for water skiing, wakeboarding and inner tubing. While this was initially intended for marine use, this 7” x 14” mirror is just another hidden gem among the hundreds of interchangeable ball and socket components that you can mount virtually anywhere. 

10. Sun Visor

This 8” x 13” sun visor offers a dark green 50 percent tint, optimal for blocking sun and glare while in flight. While this visor was intended primarily for aviation, this component can be interchanged with any B Size ball and socket mount for vehicles such as trucks, ATVs and more. 

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