National Products Inc Obtains Federal Court Consent Judgment and Permanent Injunction Against ProClip’s Tough Sleeve Products and Charging Cradles for the Zebra ET5X Tablets Using the Rugged Frame

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National Products, Inc. (“NPI” or “RAM Mounts”), the manufacturer of GDS® and IntelliSkin® products, has obtained a federal court consent judgment and permanent injunction in a lawsuit against ProClip and Brodit. NPI filed a lawsuit in 2020 in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin against ProClip, and its manufacturer Brodit, asserting that ProClip and Brodit’s Tough Sleeves, Quick Release Power Docks, and Charging Cradles for the Zebra ET5X Tablets with Rugged Frame Option infringe RAM® Mounts’ U.S. Patent Nos. 9,706,026, 10,454,515, and 10,778,275, which pertain to NPI’s IntelliSkin® and GDS® technology mounting platform. NPI, a recognized leader in the mounting industry, has been awarded over 190 patents covering its mounting solutions, including over 30 patents related to its market changing invention for all-in-one docking systems that provide protection, convenient and secure mounting, and integrated charging.

The Consent Judgment, entered by Judge Conley in the federal court in Madison, Wisconsin, enjoins and restrains ProClip and Brodit from continuing to manufacture, use, sell, or import into or in the United States the Tough Sleeve, Quick Release Power Docks intended for use with the Tough Sleeve, and Charging Cradle for the Zebra ET5X Tablets with Rugged Frame Option product after a phase-out period. Under the Consent Judgment, ProClip and Brodit agreed that they had made and sold products falling within the scope of RAM® Mounts’ patents, and the Consent Judgment further recognizes that an injunction is necessary to prevent infringement of RAM® Mounts’ patents after the phase out period. Fenwick was legal counsel to NPI and/or RAM® Mounts on the matter.

About NPI and RAM® Mounts

Introduced in 1990 as part of National Products Inc. (NPI), RAM® Mounts is the leading manufacturer of rugged and versatile mounting solutions for nearly any application and device – including phones, tablets, cameras, GPS systems, laptops, marine electronics, printers, radios, and much more.

As the most innovative product line of its kind, RAM® Mounts offers approximately 5,000 modular components. Built on the interchangeable ball and socket system and designed around an elastomeric rubber ball, these components incorporate non-slip functionality as well as shock and vibration damping. The unique design of the patent-protected RAM® Mounts system provides quick installation, adjustability, and durability – all at a low cost.

Backed by more than 400 employees, RAM® Mounts is proudly located in Seattle, Washington in the same neighborhood where the company was started. Utilizing the finest assembly hardware, durable composites, stainless steel, rubber, and aluminum, RAM® mounting solutions have been synonymous with quality and performance for more than two decades. No matter where life takes you, depend on RAM®.

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