Man is reaching out to tap on a mounted tablet in GDS Tech and IntelliSkin inside a waste collection truck

The Importance of Durable Docking Stations for Waste Collection Trucks

In today's world, the waste management industry stands as a silent yet crucial pillar of our society. It's the unsung champion tirelessly working behind the scenes, shaping our environment, and safeguarding our health. Therefore, the industry’s performance largely depends on the long-term reliability of the hardware and technology they use. Outfitting collection trucks with rugged docking stations able to withstand harsh environmental conditions has become an emerging priority for the industry, supplying drivers with a centralized hub to navigate daily challenges. As a result, RAM® Mounts has answered the call by developing game-changing docking solutions to meet the demands of the waste management industry.

Why it’s important to choose the right docking solution for waste collection trucks

With many docking solutions on the market to choose from, it’s important to find the solution that will withstand the environment for years to come. Waste management is a critical service that demands the long-term reliability and durability of their onboard systems to ensure proper collection of materials and compatibility of evolving technologies designed to streamline the waste collection process and improve efficiency.

When deploying thousands of tablets in the field, enterprise businesses need reassurance that these systems not only work but work over long periods of time. This is why the importance of durable docking stations for waste trucks caused RAM® Mounts to develop IntelliSkin® with GDS® Tech™ docking solutions.

IntelliSkin with GDS Docking Stations

To equip modern types of garbage collection trucks with reliable onboard docking stations, inherent issues must be identified and addressed through product innovations. RAM® Mounts has identified three main issues: damage and debris buildup of the USB port, wear and tear of constant cycling, and connection interruptions. All these issues are addressed with the development of GDS® Tech™ docks and IntelliSkin® protective tablet sleeves.

IntelliSkin® is designed to not only protect the device but protect the USB port by converting the connection point to flat ruggedized pogo pad contacts. Dedicated alignment points are built into GDS® Docks™ that help secure this connection when the IntelliSkin®-wrapped device is docked. This one-of-a-kind solution addresses the three main industry pain points. By protecting the USB port using a ruggedized case system, damage and debris is neutralized, wear and tear of constant cycling is transferred to the case rather than the device itself, and the connection remains reliable with the security of GDS® Docks™.

Image render of a Tab Active5 in GDS Tough-Dock and showing the pogo pads of the IntelliSkin

The Benefits of IntelliSkin with GDS Docking Stations for Waste Collection Trucks

When considering IntelliSkin® and GDS® Docking Stations for your fleet of waste collection trucks, the benefits speak directly to the commitment RAM® Mounts has made to ensure reliable performance in any condition while keeping future device upgrades as cost-efficient as possible.

Seamless device upgrades for the future — Device upgrades are inevitable. That’s why GDS® Docks™ are modular by design. When the time comes, there’s no need to replace the entire docking station. All that is needed is a new IntelliSkin® and a form-fit component specific to that new device. Or take advantage of the new GDS® Uni-Conn™ docking system , where only a new IntelliSkin® is needed. This system eliminates the need for downtime, high installation costs, and large hardware replacements.

True durability — IntelliSkin® with GDS® Tech™ is the only solution of its kind on the market offering true durability by protecting the USB port and securely fixating the device to the dock.

Maintains specifications of the device — When implementing devices into this system, there is no loss of power or data transfer capabilities of the device.

Driver experience — GDS® Docks™ make one-handed device docking and removal easy with dedicated alignment points and accessible latches. Paired with a highly adjustable RAM® double ball mount, drivers can easily position the tablet in their desired viewing angle with a simple turn of a knob.

A man is tapping on a tablet mounted to a GDS Tough-Dock inside a waste collection truck

Proper Tablet Mounts for Waste Collection Trucks

RAM® Mounts remains the most trusted brand for rugged mobile mounting. All GDS® Docks™ come equipped with industry standard hole patterns for attaching adjustable ball mounts. Docking stations should be mounted to secure areas using hardware and RAM® double ball mounts for full articulation, as well as shock and vibration damping capabilities.


The IntelliSkin® with GDS® Tech™ docking stations ensure proper durability for your waste collection trucks and have become an essential onboard tablet solution. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of waste collection trucks while supporting device longevity, ensuring reliable performance in any condition. With our docking solutions, waste management companies can cost-effectively standardize onboard technologies, reduce downtime, and maintain a functional mobile environment.

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