A woman nurse is tapping on a Samsung XCover6 Pro wrapped in IntelliSkin checking on a patient's files

Southern California Hospital Relies on RAM® Mounts to Increase Nurse Mobility

Deploying IntelliSkin®-wrapped XCover 6 Pros with GDS® Desktop Docks improved speed of care and decreased patient wait times at a large Southern California Hospital.

This large Van Nuys hospital has a rich history spanning over six decades, standing as a beacon of community-centric healthcare inthe heart of the San Fernando Valley. Originally founded as a modest neighborhood provider in 1958, the hospital has since blossomed into a full-service institution committed to addressing the diverse and evolving healthcare needs of its surrounding communities.

The Challenge

This Southern California hospital made the leap towards increasing nurse mobility by implementing mobile devices into the daily workflow, only the devices they were using didn’t get the job done. They then made the switch to Samsung’s XCover6 Pro and needed a solution that would improve the nurses’ workflow, spending less time dealing with devices and more time dealing with patients. Deploying new devices with new technology is simple and straightforward, however, the Van Nuys hospital needed physical product enhancers that could elevate the mobile experience for their nurses to succeed without hassle.

The Solution

RAM® Mounts had the perfect solution to improve processes. RAM®’s GDS® Tech™ & IntelliSkin® product lines were created for this exact challenge. By wrapping the XCover6 Pros in an IntelliSkin® protective case, the SoCal hospital was able to tap into the GDS® Ecosystem™ of docks. IntelliSkins® have a patented built-in port protecting connector that converts the USB-C port to flat pogo pad contacts compatible with a wide variety of powered docks. When the device is docked, these contacts provide charging capabilities and data transfer without the need for plugging in cords. Since all IntelliSkins® and GDS® Docks have the same connector, nurses have the ability to move devices interchangeably.

The hospital also opted for single port desktop docks in individual rooms and multi-port desktop docks for overnight charging. When connecting the single-port docks to a monitor, nurses could dock the IntelliSkin®-wrapped XCover6 Pro to extend the phone on to a larger display using Samsung DeX.

A woman nurse is checking out XCover6 Pros on her paper list of devices
Manage device check-in/out with 6-port GDS® charging bays
A woman nurse is typing on a computer with an XCover6 Pro docked next to her.
Dock the IntelliSkin®-wrapped XCover6 Pro in the GDS® Desktop Dock to enable Samsung DeX

The Results

Simplifying connectivity to docking and undocking while protecting the device itself allowed nurses to move more quickly through the hospital resulting in faster patient care. Nurses also reported that devices docked in GDS® Desktop Docks charged faster than what they currently had, and they noticed that if they needed to upgrade devices in the future they would only need to buy new IntelliSkins® and could keep the same GDS® Docks™. Overall, nurses are much happier to be working with a centralized system that cut down the inefficiencies of fumbling around with devices, resulting in:

Increased nurse mobility decreased patient wait times which increased patient satisfaction

Faster charging than traditional methods lead to reduction in downtime

Increased durability, life expectancy, and future proofing of devices lowered total cost of ownership

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